We are licensed in Croatia since 1990 , but  living abroad and gathering knowledge globaly, we can understand your needs so that we can better serve you. Croatia is our choice, Our main office is located in beautiful Rovinj, and as your Croatia CPA, we can handle any of your accounting and tax situations. We have been serving our clients for over 27 years. Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality, and understanding.

Understanding the needs

Along the long time that we are in business and with business people, we didn't meet any business peoples who didn't want to be successful both pesonally and with their business. We belive that all businesses are built and maintained by focusing  on activities that generate revenue, but successful businesses are built on understandig. We belive that among all many related things needed to be successful, understandig business needs is in heart and first step on path to success. Informations are tools, but understanding is a result.
We understand that business owners and management personnel need timely and accurate financial data in order to make informed business decisions. Demex Accounting has developed and standardized processes and procedures to capture business activity and design reports that provide you with this data as needed. Once we determine the type and frequency of reports you need, Demex  team delivers these reports on time, every time. In addition to providing our partners with financial reports, our full-service outsourced accounting,  is designed to empower our partners need and help to realize their vision through the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions.

Understanding the rules

Understanding tax, accounting and business enviromental rules is ours nessesary tools and ours proffesional needs that feed us with possibilities: better understanding more posibilities we can offer to our clien when we tailor and deliver service that satisfied their business needs. We trive to keep informed our clients about new rules and posibilities and highly support them to be informed: everything is on internet! While electronic tools help us to create desireble financial reports, we are ready to help in understanding results and real possibilities based on numbers and relations among them.

 Understanding the strategy

Understanding the strategies for business growth, make miningfull our job and delivered services. We can have ultimate devices that can help us to create accurate and  beautifull reports with peacture and colors, but we understand that only reports needed by your strategy for business growth are worth.

We support client growth. We belive that growth means living authentic life in order to perfectly integrate our legitimate needs, our desires and unique talents. The more intimately and harmoniously these three are realted, the more we became truly ourselfs. This is the winning strategy for our business too.

Understanding the people

We strive to create a working environment where everyone is valued and respected for who they are. Diversity and inclusiveness are at the heart of the firm’s values because we believe that our staff and culture should reflect the diversity of our clients. Our long-term commitment to inclusiveness and appreciation of differences among our staff  motivates us to actively seek talented individuals who are accessible by email, online chat and phone to receive information, answer questions and take care of any urgent issues that arise during the business day.






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