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DEMEX d.o.o. (Ltd) commenced its activities at the beginning of 1990 by offering services to national entrepreneurs and foreign investors in establishing and managing business as well as assistance in completing tax returns and other various legally prescribed documents. We are continuously developing and enhancing our services by following the changes in the economic and institutional environment and equally the needs of our clients.

Our professional team consists of 10 permanently employed staff (accountants, authorised accountants, auditors, court experts, and business advisors). In the framework of our cooperation with educational institutions we are committed to professional internship scholars and students who are providing us their assistance in work and learning.

By sustaining our work continuity we can guarantee educational study abroad and in the country. Our client base consists of national and foreign entrepreneurs and national trading companies dealing in foreign property which operate throughout the whole of Croatia.

Throughout our longstanding business we have succeeded in reaching strong business relationships with over 200 permanent clients. As permanent accounting assistants and advisors in several business fields we are continuously following their development.